How we work

Integrating the right solutions is key.

We augment human decision making with real time information through combining hardware, software, networks and business intelligence thereby transforming the profitability and efficiency of the business

The essence of working with Matter Industries is driven by our unique combined core competencies and years of experience we have across numerous sectors. This has allowed for us to develop a deep understanding of how best to craft solutions for businesses to deliver an end-to-end digitised solution. Using the key disciplines outlined below we are able to run the “golden thread” through all the required components to truly deliver Augmented Decision Making

We can make it


Custom designed connectivity and networks enable us to deliver the required digitisation solution for each product

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We can make it


Our competency in hardware development and deployment allows for in-house design and construction capabilities as determined by the requirements of each solution

We can make it


The real world in which Matter operates requires software that can change and adapt over time. Our technology and methodology choices enables us to respond rapidly to change

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We can make it

Business Intelligence

Deep rooted understanding of systems, processes and the fundamental requirements of successful businesses drives our analysis for each of our clients and their needs

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